They say “redefine marriage” like it’s a bad thing

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If I were conservative I would argue that some people have homosexual inclinations, and this is a fact of human existence that will not go away, leaving us with two options: either law-abiding home-owning middle-class gay couples or the orgiastic riots of a global Stonewall-Gomorrah.  Marriage is good for social stability, so bring gay people into marriage, and make the binary a smidgen more fabulous.

But I can’t argue this, because I’m not a conservative, and I hope it’s wrong.  I’m for same sex marriage because I’m a straight man who isn’t entirely sure what “straight” or “man” mean, so I support anything that helps bring gender down from the the world of the forms into the raucous parade of spectra that is reality.


Written by pinkocrat

December 8, 2012 at 11:14 pm

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