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Two ways marijuana effects my thinking

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Normally I take for granted, say, the validity of feminism or the superiority of democracy to monarchy.  But on weed I feel much freer to question these fundamentals.  I find myself reexamining the arguments for otherwise unquestioned propositions.  I don’t know if this is real open-mindedness, since I almost always end up re-arguing myself into the positions I held before, but it sure feels like a good-faith effort at the time.

I also find myself thinking more easily in terms of spectrums in place of discrete categories.  Not just in productive ways, either: comparisons that aren’t that useful (like the metaphors in Top 40 pop songs) appear more insightful than they are.  Give me two things, like “hamburger” and “actor”, and I’ll naturally place them as two poles on a spectrum, then try to figure out what the scale is measuring (maybe dead organic matter vs. living matter, or Things That Should Be Honest vs. Thing I Expect to Deceive).  If I can concentrate on the issue long enough, you could give me a second arbitrary axis (say, “centralized” vs. “decentralized”), and examining the resulting quadrants would yield exquisite pleasure.

I guess, then, marijuana frees my mind without necessarily encouraging it to move closer toward the truth.


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November 27, 2013 at 10:55 am

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Why I’m a Steel Reserve ™ man

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I drink Steel Reserve Beer.  I just drank some right now.  Here’s a list of but a couple of reasons why.

1) It’s cheap and efficient.  A four-pack of tall cans of steel reserve costs less than four dollars.  Each is a tall can, which means a four-pack is basically a six pack, and it’s 8.1% alcohol, which means it’s basically a twelve pack.  Twelve beers for four dollars.  That’s almost a beer a quarter.  It’s like the olden days.

2) It’s proudly union-made.  Now, most cheap beers are made in unionized plants, but who else has the goddamn pride to advertise it on the can?  Does Coors?  Maybe they do.  I haven’t looked.  I love Steel Reserve too much to even look at other cheap beers.

3) Most beers are in only one state of matter: liquid.  Steel Reserve, though, is viscous.  It leaves a gel-like film over your mouth and esophagus.  It’s substantial.

4) It doesn’t go “bad” when warm.  It is what it is, and can be stored at room temperature for emergencies without losing its distinctive flavor.

5) It knows it’s a drug, not a food.  Maybe in Italy you drink to enjoy, but in America you drink to not care about things.  So many other beers pretend they’re about flavor.  They’re made from alcohol, which changes your very consciousness,  but act like they’re sodas or some shit.  I don’t do drugs for the taste.

“Hey dude, want some acid?”
“I don’t know, is it pumpkin-spice seasonal LSD?”
“Uh, no.”
“Then fuck it, I don’t drop such cheap swill.”

It doesn’t make sense to me either.  Drink Steel Reserve ™.

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November 10, 2013 at 4:19 am

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Alex Grey’s “Gaia”

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At first glance, Alex Grey’s “Gaia” presents a sharp dichotomy between unspoiled Nature (hooray!) and industrial civilization (booo!). But Grey’s attempt is foiled by his own imagery.

The artist loves eyes, for good reason: eyes represent awareness and look trippy even when you’re sober. To stick them on things that aren’t aware, though, like the central tree and the atmosphere, admits that the biocentric message is hollow. If the best way to elicit sympathy for non-human objects is to make them look more like humans, it suggests humans really are superior. Even “nature” on the left side is crafted to appeal to human needs–a savannah, the environment in which people evolved.

The faces in the sun and moon are particularly jarring, contrasted with the mechanical ICBMs soaring nearby. All I can think about are the actual missiles from space–the comets and asteroids–that strike the earth every hundred million years or so, perfectly natural and perfectly horrifying to things that actually do have faces outside of medieval tapestries.

The inconsistency appears in reverse, too: look at the giant phallus at the bottom-right of the tree. Its appendages are either insect legs or thorny branches, unnerving precisely because they represent wildlife free of pesticides or plows. The attempt to marshal imagery from Genesis into the service of Gaia is particularly awkward, since Eden’s villain was a snake, not a steam engine.

I’m not criticizing Grey for demonizing nature (plenty of it is scary!). What bothers me is the self-refuting effort to imply human action is a moral offense against the biosphere, when really people are the only things that give the universe any worth. Trees, moons, and clouds make no distinction between right or wrong. Only things with brains can do that.

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March 15, 2013 at 5:11 pm

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Alternate universes

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dino cage

when I talk of alternate universes
I refer to an awful specific set of close cousins
where Hero meets Babbage meets Hofmann
and Tesla rigs zeppelins for the Commune.

But looking at this image
liquefies the lead blindfold
of atomic understanding and material demands
just enough to make out a far grander panoply of worlds;
One where Sumerian gods are real
and pissing their names in a river gives you control of its flow.

At the warmest edge of this multiverse is Paradise
For there the beauty on the T. Rex is my Bride.

Written by pinkocrat

January 7, 2013 at 7:25 pm