Short thoughts, January 2013

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-I don’t care for sports or whether strangers do drugs.  Forming an opinion on Lance Armstrong feels wrong, like taking a side in a theological dispute of a religion I don’t practice.

-I am equally indifferent on gun control.  I have no faith that any measure strong enough to reduce gun violence is politically feasible.

-Gun advocates sometimes point out that more Americans are killed by cars than by guns.  This is an excellent argument against cars.

-I am not impressed by mountain climbing.  My first instinct, upon beholding the majesty of a mountain, is not to spend lots of resources conquering it.  I certainly don’t want to see a movie about mountain climbing.

-Or about horses.  Horses are obsolete and their mouths are scary.  I like horses even less than I like mountains.

-There are about five non-human animals I care about.  Not species, I mean individual animals.  They are all cats or dogs.  I would promptly give them away if I ever became responsible for their care.

-That said, it bothers me that we’re continuing the H. sapiens tradition of slaughtering the brainiest Others, like cetaceans and our fellow great apes.  We’re snuffing out the only known alien intelligences so we can eat them.

-Yet for some reason people think cannibalism is gross!  To me it’s really sweet to lovingly eat your dead relatives, to accept their final gift to you.  I wonder if cannibals ever insulted the cook with “I said roast, not cremate.”


Written by pinkocrat

January 18, 2013 at 12:53 am

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