A few poems about politics

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Rapture Ready
Christians for Herod
backing Jews for Goliath
No room in the inn

Apologies to the Eighteenth Century
That monstrous Beast, the People assembl’d
Mobocrats clamour! a Terrible sound:
That the High shall be least! And the paupers resembl’d
A HAMMER Almighty, pinning kings to the Ground.

There’s a certain little quirk
In the thinking of a fellow
Of a man named Edmund Burke
And followers of his, less mellow:
Though their logic’s often right
That quick upheaval devastates
They never realize that they fight
The losing side in all debates

Look! The liberals appear
The group that studiously shuns
Revolt, for common sense is clear:
Police alone should have the guns.

History, they say, has closed
“Don’t kill the tyrants! Dock their pay.”
For weddings, armies, CEOs
Are quite alright if they are gay


Written by pinkocrat

December 30, 2012 at 12:10 pm

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