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A Roland Emmerich-style 100-foot wave was attacking my city, and the sturdiest building to hide behind was the pharmacy.  I met up with my coworkers there, and said (since I have a one-track mind for politics), “Now’s the perfect time to demand a union.  Hell, we could probably kill the boss and blame it on the wave.”

They didn’t seem convinced.  One coworker argued against my plan.  “This wave won’t kill anyone, they’d find out.”

I wasn’t having it.  “Come on,” I replied, “people die in heat waves.  Surely THIS will kill people.”

“No,” she continued, “our boss is a racist.”

I was puzzled.  “That’s an even better reason to kill her!”

Having convinced no one, I went in alone.  I stole a pair of scissors right in front of the boss (“for self-defense” I told her).  But I reconsidered the murder plot and decided to steal a pair of glasses instead.  The wave might cut off the supply of replacement contact lenses, and I knew at least I deserved to see clearly.


Written by pinkocrat

December 13, 2012 at 8:26 pm

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